Cast Of Momma’s Old School Burgers

   Timothy – An all-around good guy, Timothy is a talented cook, waiter, cleaner, and planner. He’s the best worker the diner has.


Michelle – Michelle hates being dead. She expresses her frustration by being stand-offish and reading her books about anarchy.


Heather – Heather struggles with being in purgatory. A believer of God, she is confused about her place in the world of the dead.


Blaine – An old musician, Blaine regrets abandoning his family for his music. Now in purgatory, he has all the time to reflect.


Ica – A mysterious yet capable woman, Ica does what she can to be a better person. She would prefer to not slide back to her bad habits.


Harold – A man who’s rough around the edges, Harold is well known for how much he loves to antagonize his coworkers.


JamesJames – A former Finder, James is a carefree man at peace with his place in purgatory.


terraTerra – A powerful servant of Death, Terra is responsible for maintaining purgatory.